Mercyful Fate Bootleg Discography - Personal Collection



Return of the Living Dead                                  





MM 90010 Metal Memory 1990 CD 9 Italy live in Copenhagen, Denmark 1982
Crush the Cross  


MM 90017 Metal Memory 1991 CD 10 Italy live at the Aardschokfestival, Den Bosch, Holland, 25 June 1983

Nuns Have no Fun 





006 Morbus Records 1993 CD 13   rarest bootleg CD, their reunion Dynamo concert, Eindhoven 30.05.93, different track list from CD to the list offered

The Oath

WWOL-001 Westwood One Radio Networks 1997 CD 14 US 1st release, green CD, Live in Philadelphia, USA-February 18, 1995, amazing sound quality recording, taken from the soundboard !



The Oath

WWOL-001 Westwood One Radio Networks 1997 CD 14 US 2nd release, silver CD and a goat and burning cross photo below the CD tray (rarest release)

Don't Break the Oath   RR 34 9835 Roadrunner 1984 CD 9 Russia all exactly as the first European release (excluding the slim line one), but all false... of course this one was not also released in 1984... the Russian bootlegs aren't easy to find...
Don't Break the Oath RCD 9835 CD MEDIA RECORDS 1984 CD 9 Russia rare
Mercyful Fate/In The Shadows CDM 898 171 CDMAXIMUM 1998 CD 14 Russia another Russian bootleg, exists lots of MF/KD bootlegs from this country, I didn't try to buy all !!!...
Melissa/Abigail CDM 898 172 CDMAXIMUM 1998 CD 16 Russia split CD with King Diamond "Abigail"
Don't Break the Oath/Return of the Vampire part 1 CDM 898 173 CDMAXIMUM 1998 CD 14 Russia includes the complete "Don't Break the Oath" with 5 tracks taken from "Return of the Vampire" ("Corpse without Soul" appears as "Night of the Unborn'81" and "Death Kiss" as "The Oath'82"...)

Werewolves in Hilversum                





HMR 002 The return of Mohammad 1999 CD 6 Netherlands CD release of the mega rare bootleg LP “Live in Hilversum”, The return of Mohammad Records, rare

Dead Again

Mrcfl-DA-gr 151 1998 CD 10 Russia hard-to-find

House of Satan           






King001   1999 CD 14 US same cover as “Live” bootleg LP: “Melissa” banned cover, contains 2 unreleased songs: "Truck Driver" and "Persecution" plus a short interview, live tracks are from March 26th 1982 concert at Odd Fellow Palaet (CD inlay has written this was from a Copenhagen show presumably from 1981)

Nuns Have No Fun/ Evil's Message

  1999 CD 9   probably from Netherlands (or Belgium), split bootleg with Danish Evil "Evil's Message" EP in a nice double-cardboard sleeve (2 copies)

Shadow Nights          




  2000 CD 12 US 1000 copies limited edition, includes a Megaforce commercial radio promo for the "Melissa" LP in the States, live stuff taken from different recordings, includes "Shadow Nights" and "The Witch", both rare tracks

The Live Oath          





2000 CD 13 US  same as the bootleg CD "The Oath" , different artwork only, they forgot to enclose the last track ("Evil") in the track list... imported from Canada